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We are a team, working together toward a common goal. Ready for your adventure?

Concierge Brokerage

Why a Concierge Brokerage? We make the decisions locally and don’t need approval from a corporate office. One of the decisions we have made is that we won’t burden our buyers with additional costs. We want to treat you the way we would want to be treated. We are honest and open with you and look out for your best interest. We won’t charge additional fees. 

State Programs

If you are a military veteran, active duty, law enforcement, fire, teacher, or medical, we will work with you to reduce your outlay to include finding qualified State programs to help with down payment assistance.


We are committed to making your home-buying experience a memorable one. Our knowledgeable staff is small enough that you’ll feel like we’re on the other end of each conversation, listening carefully for what’s important in this process and striving hard at meeting all desires equally well as they need it

There are two groups of attributes to a property that make it easy to decide what you are looking for in a property. 

The 3 L’s

The first group is hard to change and all start with L. The three L’s are Location, Lot Size, and Layout. If those work for you in your search, we move on to the 3 C’s

The 3 C’s

If the Location, the Lot Size, and Layout work then the 3 C’s that can be changed are Color, Cleanliness, and Condition. These are easier to change. 

Lender Pre-Approval

Purchasing a house is like buying a car. You should be pre-approved by your lender. A local lender is good to have because they know the local market.