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Introducing www.HogeRealty.com where you can take a true Virtual Tour of our listings. "The Home of the Endless Open House."

Ask about our UNIQUE $1K Buyer's Bonus.
Veteran? First Responder? School Teacher? Nurse? Ask about our Bonus for your Service.
Port St Lucie is the safest large city East of the Mississippi, within 2 hours of Miami and Orlando, and 3 to Tampa!
There is so much to do, it is up to you.
With Hoge Realty we have the local knowledge and trends when you are looking for a place where you will love where you live! Hoge Realty makes this process simple by keeping you ahead of the game with the latest news and trends going on from Vero Beach to Tradition.
We want you to experience the beautiful views and relaxing vibes that make the Treasure Coast the ultimate place to live, as well as recommend the best homes depending on your taste. With 100% Satisfaction rate with clients, why choose anyone else other than Hoge Realty Co?!
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